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inkjs boilerplate

This is my boilerplate for web games in Ink language.

This version does not require you to be well versed in web development; if you know what npm is, I recommend using my advanced repo

To start working:

  1. compile game/game.ink to JSON with inklecate
  2. Put game.ink.json to inkjs folder
  3. Run a web server in inkjs folder (anything will do; if you don't have one, I recommend Mongoose - just put it in that folder and run)
  4. Open http://localhost/index.html - this is your game, you can package this




  • Autosaving (with a restart button)
  • Keyboard support (press 1-9 to select 1th-9th choices, 0 to choose 10th)
  • Great game performance (all JS is ~200Kb in size with Inkjs runtime)
  • Mobile-ready layout
  • You don't need to install anything to edit this (you will need a web server or game hosting to view the edits though)
  • Color scheme is editable and you don't need to know CSS

Browser compatibility

Firefox 60+, Chrome 60+, Safari 12+, iOS 12+

Code licenses

  • This code © 2016-2021 Alexander Yakovlev, you can use it under MIT license
  • Uses Bootstrap v5.1.0, licensed under MIT
    • Copyright (c) 2011-2021 Twitter, Inc.
    • Copyright (c) 2011-2021 The Bootstrap Authors
  • Uses InkJS v2.0.0, licensed under MIT
    • Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Yannick Lohse
  • Uses jQuery v3.6.0, licensed under MIT